Spring Colloquium

No Colloquium Due to Covid-19 Pandemic 2021

As we move from a Covid Pandemic year of restrictions into a new one of unknown challenges and opportunities, we need to acknowledge that the New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue will not hold a Spring Colloquium this year, 2021.

With considerable sadness, the Board determined that a large gathering over a period of hours would be a danger to health, if possible.  A virtual colloquium posed too many difficulties to be practical.

Most of you probably are aware that our monthly Dialogues have been conducted using Zoom technology since late Spring 2020 with the meeting time changed to 7- 8:30 PM.

Topics ranged from the book Three Paths – One God to various articles from the CAC Oneing volume “Unity and Diversity” and the book Peace by Prof. Nader Angha.  Presenters included: Rabbi Min Kantrowitz, Victoria Reder and Aamna Nayyar; Carlos Navarro, Gigi Ross, Joan Brown OSF, Rev. John Dear and two of our Board, Maziar Ziabari and Neil McHugh.

We expect to continue Dialogues via Zoom as long as Covid-19 restrictions limit participant numbers in on-site meetings.  However, there will be no Dialogue this month, January 2021.

Our February Dialogue will feature Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev of Santa Fe speaking and answering questions about “Prophetic Wisdom to Face the Challenges of the Present Moment” based on his book The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets: Then and Now.

As we advance into the new year the Board hopes to ‘Widen the Circle’ of our Interfaith focus to include additional faith communities in the metro and northern NM area so that we become better acquainted and mutually aware.

We are optimistic and will keep you informed.






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