The New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue is dedicated to facilitating respectful understanding of faith traditions through dialogue. We currently focus our conversations on the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

We hold monthly Dialogue meetings at houses of worship throughout Albuquerque, usually on the third Thursday afternoon/evening of each month. Check our blog or calendar for details about upcoming NM Interfaith Dialogue meetings and other interfaith events of interest.

We also hold an annual Spring Colloquium to explore specific issues in-depth, comparing the similarities and differences among Jews, Christians and Muslims. We also welcome other faith traditions into the dialogue to further create interfaith understanding.

Guidelines for Inter-religious Dialogue

1. The primary purpose of dialogue is to change and grow in perception and understanding of the other's belief or religious experience.

2. The dialogue is a two-sided project, both within each religious community and between religious communities.

3. Each participant comes to the dialogue with complete honesty and sincerity.

4. Each participant assumes the same honesty and sincerity of the other partners.

5. Each participant defines his or her religious perspective and is prepared to recognize himself or herself in the interpretation.

6. Each participant comes to the dialogue free of assumptions about points of disagreement.

7. Dialogue can only take place between equals.

8. Dialogue can only be fruitful in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

9. Persons entering into inter-religious dialogue are at least minimally self-critical of both themselves and their own religious traditions.

10.Each participant eventually attempts to experience the partner's religion from within, for religion is not merely something of the head, but also of the spirit, heart, and the whole being, individual and communal.

Upcoming Monthly Dialogue Meetings


November Monthly Meeting 2023

The New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue will be having a Zoom meeting on Thursday November 16th, 7:00 pm -8:30 pm. We will be exploring an article by Zoe Mintz, “Thanksgiving: How Different Religions Celebrate Thanksgiving Day,” and an article by David Aden, “How One Scientologist Celebrates Thanksgiving.” Below are questions for you to consider as you […]

Annual Spring Colloquium

The 28th Annual Spring Colloquium

The New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue invites you to attend our virtual 2023 Spring Colloquium: Living Compassion in the Community
Sunday, May 7, 2023, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We look forward to our speakers helping us to share living compassion in our communities as we consider questions such as:

  1. Who do you service? What is the need?
  2. What are your priorities? Who determines these priorities?
  3. How is the group structured to help provide the best service?
  4. Is your group faith based? If so, how is faith incorporated into service?
  5. How does your group respond to crises?
  6. What inspires/sustains volunteers to help and keep the organization going?
  7. How does one become a volunteer?


Imam Abdur’Rauf Raul Campos-Marquetti MINARA Muslim Community Center

Abdur’Rauf was born in Spanish Harlem in 1954 and grew up in the inner city of Brooklyn, New York.  He is a Senior Scientist by profession with a B.A. degree in the Geological Sciences attained at Cornell University. He has over 38 years of program management and scientific research experience in the areas of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Natural Resource Mapping.  He is presently employed by the Pueblo of Santa ana’s Department of natural Resources as their GIS Manager.

Abdur’Rauf has been a member of the Albuquerque Muslim community since 1984 and has served as both Vice-President and General Secretary for the Islamic Center of New Mexico. Abdur’Rauf has served as a Muslim Imam for the TaHa Mosque Islamic Center of Santa Fe, the Lighthouse of New Mexico, and is presently the Imam for the MINARA Muslim Community Center of Albuquerque.

Chandra Doran Trinity House

Chandra is the board president and acting director of Trinity House Catholic Worker. Trinity House has been feeding and housing marginalized citizens of Albuquerque, NM for over twenty years. Today, our ministries include: housing asylum seekers, food rescue and distribution, and, in partnership with Francis House Catholic Worker, feeding hundreds of the city’s homeless five days a week.

Chandra moved to New Mexico in 2018 with his wife Deanna from Los Angeles, and resides in Corrales with their dog Humphrey.  For over 20 years they were active in teaching and guiding the Sivananda Yoga Center in Los Angeles.


Mona Rezaei M.T.O Shahmaghsoudi

Mona Rezaei holds degrees in Biology and Communication from the University of New Mexico and is currently studying Change Management at Cornell University. She is a Communications Specialist at Nusenda Credit Union and a student at M.T.O Shahmaghsoudi School of Islamic Sufism. Mona is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a sense of belonging for those who have not had a seat at the table, and building meaningful relationships through empathy and compassion.  Mona is also a Certified Classical Homeopath and is passionate about helping people restore their overall health through holistic medicine.



Mike Leppala Family Promise of Albuquerque

My name is Mike Leppala, I am currently the Board Chair of Family Promise of Albuquerque. In addition to Board Chair, I have served as a volunteer and coordinator for one of Family Promise’s member congregations.






Moderator    Rev Lynne Hinton

Lynne Hinton is the Conference Director of the NM Conference of Churches. She is a graduate of Pacific School of Religion and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Lynne has served as a settled pastor in NC, NM, and as an Intentional Interim in Washington State. Lynne has also served as a hospice chaplain in central New Mexico.  Lynne leads retreats and workshops on writing and spirituality and is the author of 23 books. She and her husband live in Albuquerque.


If you plan to join this Colloquium Zoom call, please register at [email protected] . Please send by May 5th, your name & contact information in which you will be accessing the Zoom link.  The link will be sent to you on May 6th in the evening, the day before the Zoom call. 


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Dialogue History


The New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue began in 1982 as an interpersonal dialogue between Albuquerque-area priest, Father Ernest Falardo, and Rabbi Paul Citrin of Congregation Albert, in response to the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate.

The conversation soon expanded to include educators within both faith traditions. During the early years, from 1984 to 1993, the Dialogue held educational programs and joint prayer services.

During those years as the Jewish-Catholic Dialogue, the purposes were: “to promote understanding and goodwill among the peoples of the Jewish and Catholic religions; to conduct religious, social and educational programs designed to increase community awareness and sensitivity toward issues relating to Christians and Jews; to engage in various forms of ecumenical dialogue and interaction; and to engage in such other similar activities permissible under law to nonprofit corporations of this nature and character.”

The first Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Colloquium was held in 1994. A colloquium is an hours-long gathering with knowledgeable speakers providing thought-provoking presentations on religious topics, followed by discussion among audience participants.

By 2012, the Dialogue and Colloquium included enough Christian non-Catholic participants that changing to a more inclusive name was determined to be appropriate. The organization changed its name to the Jewish-Christian Dialogue.

During Colloquia held 2006 to 2009, the presentations included all three Abrahamic faith perspectives: Jews, Christians and Muslims. In post-event evaluations, many attendees requested continuing and increased Muslim engagement. In 2015, the organization’s name was changed once again to the New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue, expanding the conversation to become more inclusive.

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