November Monthly Meeting 2022 - New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue

November Monthly Meeting 2022

Coming soon have a Happy Thanksgiving! The New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue will be having a Zoom meeting on Thursday November 17th, 7:00 pm -8:30 pm.

The theme for discussion will be Interfaith Thanksgiving: A Story of Gratitude and Self-Balancing Acts.

To read the article: Interfaith Thanksgiving: A Story of Gratitude and Self-Balancing Acts.

  1. What are you grateful for?   How do you express your gratefulness or gratitude?
  2. Can you share a personal experience of thankfulness, gratefulness or gratitude?
  3. What is the significance of gratitude in your faith tradition?
  4. How does your faith tradition express gratitude to help one regain a sense of composure and balance.?
  5. What practices within your faith tradition help one stay grateful, composed, and balanced?
  6. Can you share a prayer, chant, song, scripture, or other from your faith tradition about gratefulness?
  7. Do you have a mentor who has helped to shape your life, one whom you would like to emulate for at least one day?
  8. Is there any part of the article you would like to share that resonates with you, has helped you better understand something, or that you would like clarification about?


Food for (more) thought!

The secret to a spiritual Life:  GRATITUDE!

If you plan to join this dialogue Zoom call, please register at [email protected] . Please send by Nov. 14th, your name & contact information in which you will be accessing the Zoom link.  The link will be sent to you on Nov. 16th in the evening, the day before the Zoom call. 

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