Movies and Meaning Festival April 27-30

Movies and Meaning

Movies & Meaning works at the intersection of cinema, activism, and spirituality, with the goal of creating strong bonds in a diverse community, diminishing violence through peace-building and nonviolent communication, and awakening the activist’s imagination.

This year’s special guests are Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple; Malidoma Somé, West African elder and teacher; Mona Haydar, Syrian-American poet and activist behind “Ask a Muslim” interfaith movement; Brian McLaren, author and Christian theologian; and Gareth Higgins, film critic and Irish peace activist.

The third annual Movies & Meaning Festival will take place in Albuquerque at the KiMo Theatre, April 27-30, 2017. View the schedule of films and speakers here.

Movies & Meaning was founded in 2015 as a gathering of people around art and activism—those who desire to heal our personal and cultural wounds as a diverse community, laugh and cry around the “campfire experience” of great movies, and gain tools for constructive, respectful, and thoughtful dialogue across boundaries of religion, class, race, and age.

Over the four-day festival, participants will be inspired and challenged by artists and activists who work at the intersection of creativity, peace, spirituality, and social change. Participants will walk away with a renewed spirit for social justice and tools for community healing.

Unlike typical “film festivals,” Movies & Meaning emphasizes engagement and transformation over passive viewing. We’ll weave art throughout our time together as a means of reflection and change-making, learning how to make the world better through substantive action. Learn more at

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