Monthly Meeting September 2022 - New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue

Monthly Meeting September 2022

The New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue will be having a Zoom meeting on Thursday September 15th, 7:00 pm -8:30 pm. Our speakers will be Amber K, Azrael Arynn K and Rowan who will be speaking on ” What Wicca Is, What Wicca Is Not “!

The world of Witchcraft and Wicca is complicated and not always easy to understand. Wicca, which can be thought of as a spiritual or religious side of Witchcraft, includes many different traditions, and “the Craft” can be practiced in as many different ways as there are individual Witches. There is no One True Way to be a Witch—and that is one of the glories of the Craft. There is room for individuality, spontaneity, creativity, and freedom—in fact, that is one of the bedrocks of Witchcraft. We seek wisdom, love, and power to be used for individual freedom and the common good.

Our heritage, as Witches, is in the ancient, nature-loving religions and folkways of Europe. Our formal spiritual path, Wicca as a modern Neo-Pagan religion, got its start in the 1950’s in England. Our future is unlimited. Witches are explorers. We believe in the value of science and technology, when carefully and ethically used. But we know that science has barely touched the mysteries of life and death, and so we are also mystics and adventurers in the realms of mythology, magick, meaning, and the realms of Spirit.

Making sense of it all can be a challenge.

Join us to glimpse this magickal world of the Witch, with three guides who have been teaching this stuff for a long time…

Amber is the author of True Magick and has co-authored other books on the Craft and magick with Azrael Arynn K, including the new edition of CovenCraft, True Wand Magick, Candlemas, The Heart of Tarot, and the award-winning RitualCraft. She is also the Executive Director of Ardantane, founding priestess of Our Lady of the Woods, and has been a Witch for over 40 years.

Azrael Arynn K with Amber K, Azrael has written the books listed above, and Healing with the Gods and Goddesses, How to Become a Witch, and Witchcraft and Wicca Page by Page. She has been member of Our Lady of the Woods for 30 years, and is the Dean of the School of Sacred Living for Ardantane.

Rowan first identified as a Witch in 1985, while covering a Wiccan Beltane celebration as a reporter for a public-access television station. She has been a member of Our Lady of the Woods for 30 years, and is Dean of the School of Magick and Witchcraft for Ardantane.

If you plan to join this dialogue Zoom call, please register at [email protected] . Please send by September 13th, your name & contact information in which you will be accessing the Zoom link.  The link will be sent to you on September 14th in the evening, the day before the Zoom call. 

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